Moringa Miracles Ltd



Transforming health.


Moringa Miracles Ltd. (MML) is a limited liability company incorporated in Malawi in 2011 to exploit the commercial production of the Moringa tree genus Moringa Oleifera.  


MML exists to produce both leaf powder and seed oil for sale in bulk quantities on the international wholesale market.  Leaf powder production takes place on site at our farm in the Lower Shire Valley, Malawi, and seed oil is produced in a partnership with local small holders.  Residual cake from the seeds is made available on the local market to animal feed processors and farmers.


We conducted comprehensive trials in the commercial production of Moringa leaf powder and oil over a number of years; our trials were very successful and we piloted and proved innovative techniques for planting, harvesting and processing Moringa.  


Our learnings and innovations mean that we are in a position to offer Moringa products at a lower price than our competitors whilst maintaining absolute purity as well as excellent hygiene and quality standards; our strictly controlled production environment adheres to UK Food Standard Agency standards.  


Our management team combines relevant agricultural expertise, decades of experience in business development in Southern Africa, considerable international management and leadership credentials and sound financial acumen.  We pride ourselves on integrity, efficiency and professionalism; we have footprints in both the UK and Malawi and are well-placed to work closely with international buyers and / or partners.

Innovation. Expertise.  Integrity.  Efficiency.

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